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I am Dr. Eva Duray, medical specialist for dermatology, cosmetology and sexually transmitted infections (STI).




Professional curriculum vitae in brief

I graduated in medical sciences at Semmelweis Medical University in Budapest in 1986. I obtained my qualification in dermatology-venerology and cosmetology in 1980.

I spent my postgraduate years at National Institute for Dermatology, Budapest as scientific research worker. My principle objectives were the following: clinical management of STD-special Outpatient Department, clinical follow-up and screening of HIV-infected individuals and rebated risk-groups, medical care of in-patients and out-patients as Clinic for Dermatology and Venerology, graduate education of medical students, postgraduate education of medical specialists.

As sholarship holder offered by Dutch Government I spent 7 months in Amsterdam in 1991. Later, in the course of TEMPUS Cortex Program I pursued postgraduate studics in Heidelberg, Puprecht Karls University, Department for Dermatology. I work as private medical specialist in dermatology, cosmetology and STI since 1992. besides the clinical patient care I actively participate in postgraduate education programms for family doctors, pediatricians, pharmacists, nursers, medical assistants as invited speaker. I regularly publish in medical periodicals and appear on television/radio programmes about health issues upon requests.

Welcome everybody in my derma-clinic who wish to have a healthier and more beautiful skin!

Medical services in Clinic

General and pediatric dermatology

Effective treatment modalities for ekzema/dermatitis, pigment disorders, psoriasis, acne, diseases of hair and nails.

Evalnation of hair follicles (trichogram) for check-up of hair loss.

Fdermatological tumor-creening by dermatoscop. Detailed evalnation of pigmented nevi and otherother lesions.


Cosmetology and dermatology

Treatment of delated superficial vessels (teleangiectasiae), hypertropic scar and keloid treatment with infection technique and dermojet, removal of warts, fibromas and keratoses.

Sclerotisation of varicose venis with injectable active ingredient. The painless method has long-lasting effect on the obliteration of superficial dilated veins.

Chemical Peel: for regeneration and rejuvenation of photodamaged, aging skin with pigmented spots and fine wrinkles; also for the flattering of superficial aacne-scars. This deep peeling of the upper layers of derma structures make the skin younger and feel its texture more elastic.

The applied active ingredent is the most effective AHA the high concentrated glycolic acid.

Soft Tissue Angomentation: aesthetic correction of wrinkles, folds and skin deffects. The naturally occuring hyaluronic acid is infected into the dermis in the form of crystal clear, transparent gel.

The naturally occfuring hyaluronic acid is acting as an important structural element of the connective tissue with humiditiy and leasticity. Therefore it flattens and gives back the skins vöolume and tightness.

Cryo-therapy: for removal of keratoses, condylomae acuminatal, amsller viral warts.





Allergological diagnostic procedures with European standardized Test Series for specific allergen groups: metals, fragances, components of cosmetic prodoucts, rubber, preservatives, pollens, house-dust mites, moulds, funghi, animal epithels, food allergies, etc.

Immunotherapy (hyposensitisation) is introduced for the suppression of verified hypersensitivity (Sublingual Immunotherapy; SLIT)

Allergological screening test with specific allergies used in dental and stomatological practice (acrylates, metal alloys, fillers) in case of prior to dental/stomatological interventions.


Venerology / Sexually Transmitted Infections

The incidence and distribution of sexually transmitted infections show considerable variation across geographical regions and time-periods, which reflects the distribution and trends in their determinants. These determinants include aspects of population composition, behaviour patterns, susceptibility of the individuals, changing properties of pathogens and efforts of prevention and disease control.

Substantial part of the population run the risk of acquiring STI-s in certain periods of life. Late consequences of these infections might be experienced even some years after the individual has altered his/her risk behaviour to more composed by life style.

Detailed clinical and laboratory diagnostics and treatment os sexually transmitted infections is performed with full confidence: condyloma acuminatum, herpes infections, chlandydiatis, mycoplasma, bacterial, parasite aand fungual infections, HIV-serology, syphilis-screening, hepatitis-serology.

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) diagnostics in available from the endocernical sample as screening method for the most important risk factors of cervical cancer.

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